New Website

Greetings! If you are reading this, you're very close to the right spot to follow the goings-on of Marnie Galloway and Monkey-Rope Press. 

For up to date information, please check out www.monkeyropepress.com

Thanks so much for stopping by!


New City artist profile

Thanks so much to Desiree Cole at New City for this very generous profile of me & my CTA prints at NewCity!

Also, a final reminder: there's still room in my Saturday linoleum block printmaking class at Evanston Print & Paper Shop! Be sure to register soon if you want to learn how to make a 2-color print on a Vandercook proof press. Sign up by emailing info@evanstonprint.net or calling the shop at 847-475-7674.


That's so 2006

OK. I'm trying here.

At comic shows, folk often ask if I have a tumblr they can follow. "Sorry, babies, I don't have one, but you should check out my website!" and they make polite conversation and walk away. Twice recently, in professional contexts, I've been asked what my twitter handle is. "Sorry, young folk, I thought I'd start an account when I someday get a smart phone, but that doesn't seem to be in the stars for me so I'm behind the times." They make polite conversation afterward, and I grow a few more white hairs.

But no more!

Follow me on twitter @MarnieGalloway


I started a tumblr account to share sketches and in-progress drawings, the ephemeral doodles and prep sketches that aren't polished or finished enough to share here. Fun! Tumble me along at monkeyropepress.tumblr.com

Now get off my lawn!


New Cover Mock-Up


Happy 4th of July! I'm spending the balmy holiday going through draft after draft of re-design for the Sounds & Seas cover. The new run will not have hand-printed covers (workhorse though I consider myself, hand-printing +1,000 two-color two-sided covers on a proof press just isn't going to happen), so I get the genuinely fun task of reconceptualizing the jacket design. I started doing this partly because the Xeric folk needed a thumbnail of the cover for promotions, partly because it's fun, and partly because what I'd planned to do today--write and assemble the Diamond proposal--is a little overwhelming. 

I went through other drafts with more nautical colors, but I so love the warm off-white paper that the body pages are printed on that I went with this warmer palette. For the final version I might do a new drawing for the cover so it's big enough to wrap-around (this illustration is pulled from Vol 1), and some things might shift as I think about the spine, but I think it's pretty ok otherwise.

Anyway: thoughts?


Recipe Comix in Saveur

So excited to finally be able to share this! I have a recipe comic on Saveur! I've been working on this for a little while, and it is live today. I was approached with the open-ended "draw a recipe" assignment, which triggered a bit of a crisis in my little heart: I realized that (a) most of my cooking is boring and barely needs a recipe ("Cut avocado in half. Eat with gusto; spoon optional"); and (b) the few interesting, complicated meals I have in my repertoir are straight out of cookbooks, which felt disingenuous to share with assumed recipe authorship. Talking it over with everyone I could, my mom came up with the idea of sharing a family recipe--my grandfather's menudo, specifically. My dad makes it every now and then, and it was a staple of my childhood summers, but I couldn't share a recipe I hadn't made myself. So, I made it!

AND IT IS AS GOOD AS I'D REMEMBERED! Quite a relief, with a comic deadline ahead of me.

It was a real pleasure to work on this project. Thanks a bunch to the good folks at Saveur (especially Ms. Rosner) for the opportunity to share my little comic; without it, I might not have ever found this gem in my grandfather's handwriting:

"Bring to boil - when boil starts, turn on ventahood fan -

when birds leave roof, it's doing just right."