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That's so 2006

OK. I'm trying here.

At comic shows, folk often ask if I have a tumblr they can follow. "Sorry, babies, I don't have one, but you should check out my website!" and they make polite conversation and walk away. Twice recently, in professional contexts, I've been asked what my twitter handle is. "Sorry, young folk, I thought I'd start an account when I someday get a smart phone, but that doesn't seem to be in the stars for me so I'm behind the times." They make polite conversation afterward, and I grow a few more white hairs.

But no more!

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I started a tumblr account to share sketches and in-progress drawings, the ephemeral doodles and prep sketches that aren't polished or finished enough to share here. Fun! Tumble me along at monkeyropepress.tumblr.com

Now get off my lawn!