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New Prints in the Shop

Well this is exciting: new prints in the shop! Halloween weekend was spent in an exhausting marathon of type-setting, ink-mixing, block-carving, print-making, paper-trimming and podcast-listening. The impetus for studio time was a dwindling supply of CTA Announcement Series prints, but we here at Monkey-Rope Press have a hard time doing things by halves. Why only print 6 two-color prints when I could print 14? Check out our new stock:

Twas Brillig, a typographic tip of the hat to Lewis Carroll;


Cheery and fun Good Morning, Sunshine and Good Morning, Glory;


Reprints of ALL the CTA Announcement Series, including brand-new black-and-silver "Inbound Train" (previously only available in blue and brown), and prints of the linocut train design in black, silver and blue;


Three brand-new bibliophilic prints;


And finally, some holiday cheer: Jolliest of Jollies and Merriest of Merries!


I also took the opportunity while taking pictures of the new prints to re-shoot old favorites. Be sure to stop by the shop to see old prints in a new light!

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