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More Powerful Than Ever

As a person who makes visual work, I consume an embarrassing quantity of audio media. Have I listened to every episode of 30 Rock at least 5 times? Yes. Do I power through years of weekly podcast archives with impressive speed? Absolutely. Each page of "In the Sounds and Seas: Volume 2" took 16-20 hours of illustration; just this weekend I was in the studio printing the cover, walking the rollers of the press over the blocks for 12 hours solid. What's a lady to do but queue up a marathon of her favorite radio shows?

Earlier this month my favorite podcast, Jordan Jesse GO, put out a call for work inspired by Jesse Thorn's personal theme for 2012: "More Powerful than Ever: GOING APE." The timing for this couldn't have been more ideal: I am sending my 2nd book to press next week; I am attending a number of small press events this spring and summer, trying my damnedest to get this dream-project I've worked so hard on out into the world; and not only that, I'm entering my peak age-27 season in less than two weeks. The stars have aligned: Monkey-Rope Press is going to crush our enemies. Haters to the left, 'cause this mess is gonna get raw like sushi.

Moved by this call to action, I printed a poster featuring hand-set antique wood type and a hand-carved original relief illustration. Available in a limited edition of 60, this 12.5" x 19" charcoal gray and metallic silver print is for sale on the Monkey-Rope Press etsy page for only $20. Prepare to inspire your allies and intimidate your enemies: we're going ape.

In gratitude for the hours of entertainment, inspiration and wisdom I've gleaned from all of the podcasts in the Maximum Fun universe, I will donate half of all proceeds from the sales of this print to support maximumfun.org. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to Bullseye, JJGo, Judge John Hodgman and the other great shows produced by Maximum Fun.